The State Council has issued a naming convention for the regenerative medicine and anti-aging industry! Scientific literature reveals the truth about cells and anti-aging

On January 15th, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Developing the Silver Hair Economy and Enhancing the Welfare of the Elderly", which is the first policy document in China specifically focusing on the "Silver Hair Economy". Emphasize the development of the anti-aging industry, deepen research on skin aging mechanisms, human aging models, and human hair health, and strengthen the research and application of genetic technology, regenerative medicine, laser radio frequency, and other technologies in the field of anti-aging.

Aging is a natural process. As we age, the human body sends out corresponding signals: wrinkles, delayed movement, weakened immunity, and a series of age-related diseases, such as elevated blood sugar and blood pressure, weakened organ function, Alzheimer's disease, and cataracts.

In recent years, stem cells have become a type of cell with broad application prospects in the field of regenerative medicine. Today, we will use scientific literature as evidence to uncover the potential and research achievements of stem cells in the field of anti-aging.

WHO definition: The most fundamental way to combat aging is through cells