Nobel laureate Professor Gregg L. Semenza visited and exchanged ideas with Linquan Biotech, focusing on new developments in the cell industry

On December 4, 2023, Professor Gregg L. Semenza, winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, a dual academician of the National School of Medicine in the United States, and a professor of genetic medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, visited the GMP base of Zhejiang Quansheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Quansheng Biotechnology") for exchange. Qi Nianmin, Chairman of Quansheng Biotechnology, and others also introduced the company's overall scientific research progress and discussed possible directions and some details of cooperation.

△ Professor Semenza and Chairman Professor Qi Nianmin took a group photo at Quansheng Biology

Nobel laureate Professor Greg Semenza

Visiting and exchanging views on Qinlinquan Biotechnology

Quansheng Biological GMP Base is located in Pudong, Shanghai, covering an area of nearly 8000 square meters. It has a GMP clean space for stem cell preparation of over 4000 square meters and is a leading domestic platform for cell research and production。

△ Quansheng Biopharmaceutical GMP Base

Led by Professor Qi Nianmin and others, Professor Greg Semenza first came to the company exhibition hall to learn about the development process of Quansheng Biology. Since its establishment in 2016, Quansheng Biotechnology has been deeply involved in the research and development of new cell drugs, committed to promoting high-quality clinical research of stem cell products, as well as innovative cell storage and preparation technologies. It relies on cell technology for health management, disease treatment, and always takes safeguarding national health as its ultimate goal. Professor Semenza highly affirmed the development of spring living organisms and hoped for further in-depth understanding.

At the subsequent technical exchange meeting, Professor Qi Nianmin and others provided a systematic introduction to Professor Semenza on the current scientific research progress, clinical achievements, and future development plans of the company. As of now, Quansheng Biotechnology has submitted a total of 6 PreINDs to the National Medical Products Administration (CDE), and 4 have received IND acceptance numbers (CXSL2200301, CXSL2200299, CXSL2200341, CXSL2200457) from the National Medical Products Administration. The research and development of cell innovative drugs is in a leading position in China.

In the GMP workshop, technical experts from Quansheng Biotechnology gave a detailed introduction to Professor Semenza about the company's scientific research projects. Professor Semenza highly appreciated Quansheng's achievements in cell technology innovation, cell product research and development, and other aspects. Technical experts had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Professor Semenza on current research and technological breakthroughs, core technology optimization, and further upgrading of cell products.

At the end of the itinerary, Professor Qi Nianmin and others once again welcomed Professor Semenza's arrival, saying, "I am very happy to meet you, Professor Semenza. Quansheng Biotechnology will continue to promote the research and development of innovative biopharmaceuticals. Through this visit, we hope to enhance mutual communication, promote cooperation, and jointly promote the vigorous development of innovative biopharmaceuticals in China."