CMC Product Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. In charge of the technology transfer of cell therapy products, and complete the production smoothly;

2. Responsible for establishing SOP Technical Management Operation Procedure; 

3. In charge of clinical application preparation/GMP production;

4. Make production plan, organize production, ensure production on time, quality, quantity and safety; 

5. Organize production team to carry out production, collect and analyze production data, deal with deviation and abnormal situation in production process in time, and formulate corresponding preventive and corrective measures;

6. Participate in the preparation of company IND documents and related technical support;

7. Identify recruitment needs according to business needs, interview production staff and Build Team;

8. Develop training, teaching, assessment plan, the implementation of training, teaching, assessment of line subordinates to ensure that staff can meet the needs of the post; 9.the company's other work arrangements.


1. Bachelor degree or above, Major in biology, at least ;

2. 5 years experience in cell therapy product development and production, at least 3 years management experience;

3. Experience in preparation of cell therapy clinical preparations/GMP production; 

4. Good communication skills, management skills, team work and production and execution skills; 

5. Have a good spirit of cooperation, serious, responsible, a certain degree of English reading ability.