Medical Director


1. Participate in drug clinical research and development strategy according to company product characteristics;

2. Make Phase I/II/III clinical trial plan scientifically and efficiently;

3. Master the necessary skills such as writing test plan, researcher's manual, test report, test data audit, test data analysis, etc

4. Responsible for the IND of the company's products or the preparation of NDA clinical declaration data;

5.Responsible for the preparation of clinical data and on-site communication with pharmaceutical departments (such as CDE, FDA, etc.) ;

6. To actively participate in external (hospital researchers, external suppliers) and internal (non-clinical/registration/translational medicine and other related departments-RCommunicationtionTo.

7. Participate in the demonstration of Drug Product Establishment and introduction;

8. To sum up the problems in medical work and make reasonable suggestions;

9. To recruit, manage and train medical team members;

10. To establish and maintain the scientific research cooperation network with clinical experts;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by your supervisor.


1. Familiar with ICG-GCP and related regulations;

2. Major in clinical (preferred) or life science, master degree or above;

3. Have more than 8 years working experience in pre-marketing drug clinical trial medicine

4. Have excellent writing ability, good oral expression ability, strong project execution ability ;

5. have fast literature retrieval, induction, analysis ability;

6. Have Good English reading and writing ability, good English listening and speaking is preferred.