1. Responsible for the overall accounting management of the company, including the day-to-day management of the financial sector, the annual budget, the overall control of capital operations; 

2. The preparation of financial statements and financial budget and final accounts to provide timely and effective financial analysis for company decision-making, establish and improve the financial system, budget implementation and timely adjustment; 

3. Monitor and forecast cash flow, monitor the reasonable structure of liabilities and assets, co-ordinate the operation of company funds and carry out effective risk control; 

4. Co-ordinate the group's financing management, according to the requirements of the group credit work, maintain financial relations; 5. Co-ordinate the preparation of the group's listing and the financial standardization operation in the listing; 

6. Overall Planning and management of the company's tax revenue, timely completion of tax returns and annual audit, establish and improve the tax management system 

7. Participate in the analysis and decision-making of the company's important issues, risk assessment, guidance, tracking and financial risk control of the company's major projects and business activities; 8. Be able to grasp the development direction of business through the change of macro-market environment and industry environment, and provide analysis support for company strategy/decision/strategy by combining business and data. 

9. Familiar with capital market operation skills, the company's major investment, financing, acquisition and other capital Operation Negotiations; 

10. Maintain good relationship with relevant government departments, such as finance, taxation, banking and related intermediaries such as Accounting networks and associations.


1.Bachelor degree or above, Major in finance, 10-15 years finance experience, experience in the same position in biomedicine industry, successful IPO experience or IPO counseling is preferred.